What you will need for the trip

Crossover Information

What to bring and what to expect

About the trip

Before Leaving
• Find your US passport and assure that it is up to date—expired ones work, but you MUST have it.
• Travel lightly and comfortably, there is not a lot of walking.
• Bring US cash for taxi and one credit card if desired—notify credit card company of out-of-country use.
• You MUST bring and wear a mask when you cross the border.
• Provide the leader of your group with your emergency contact information/phone and e-mail.
• It will be helpful to ensure that you have at least 2-3 Spanish-speaking folks in your group.
• Coordinate and verify the time and place of your local departure to/from Calexico, CA.

Day Of The Trip
• We meet at the Holiday Inn in Calexico no later than 9:00 a.m. Bathroom and check-in here.
• We will call taxis to take us to the border, which is ten minutes away.
• We do not show passport going into Mexico. We do place carry-on items on a scanner.
• In Mexico, dozens of taxis await. We take a taxi to the Cobina Posada Del Migrante Shelter.
• We will leave at 3:30 pm to walk back across the border. You must show your passport to get into US.
• It costs $6 per taxi no matter how many are in the group. You will take a total of 4 taxis during the day: 2 in US and 2 in Mexicali.

General Information About Where We Go
• We will be at the Cobina Posada Del Migrante, a shelter for 150 family members.
• Grocery shopping for food is part of the trip. Each group is asked to bring $2,000. Food is loaded onto a truck and delivered to the shelter. Residents unload; no heavy lifting for volunteers.
• We may need to go by taxi to other stores, e.g. the pharmacy, Walmart or Smart & Final.

General Information About What We May Do
• Play various games with children which you, the volunteers, bring for them. These could include coloring or painting, bubbles, jump rope, balls, etc. Have contests, prizes or bring a piñata or two.
• Distribute ice cream or other treats for everyone from your group.
• Have lunch with residents, which BC will provide.
• Meet with several parents who will share their stories with you.
• Have a prayer ritual and give small gifts. Everyone loves to have a blessing and they enjoy singing, too.
• Volunteer Attorneys may visit with individual families or in small groups.
• Healthcare volunteers, doctors or nurses, will meet with the shelter nurse or see some residents.
• Videographers and photographers should have a signed release, which BC can provide.

Location and Contacts
Cobina Posade Del Migrante, Avenida Jalisco, No. 46, COLONIA Pueblo Nuevo, Mexicali Border Compassion: Sister Suzanne Jabro, CSJ 213.305.6755 [email protected] BC Shelter Assistant: Alexis Irving 52 686 346. 5708| www.Border-Compassion.org

Where to Meet

We will meet at the Holiday Inn Express 2501 Scaroni Avenue, Calexico, CA 92231 | 760-768-6048

Cars may be parked in the hotel parking lot for the day. You may wish to drive across the border. If so, the entrance is very near the Hotel. We recommend purchasing insurance online. One option is http://mexadventure.com

Border Compassion welcomes you and please know the hotel has a complimentary breakfast. The Hotel has a special low rate for BC. Ask for it when booking.

Border Compassion is a non-profit, faith-based, grassroots effort to respond to the needs of families who have migrated to the USA border crossing at Calexico/ Mexicali. These asylum seekers left their homes to escape violence, poverty and climate disasters.

The mission of Border Compassion is to invite faith-communities to “cross-over” at the Calexico border to offer a compassionate humanitarian response to families living at the Cobina Posada del Migrante Shelter, which houses up to 150 people.

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Border Compassion - Compassion knows no borders.

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