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What we do

Border Compassion’s invitation is this: to cross-over a border, a marginalized space, to be displaced from your comfort zone to serve the other, to hold suffering and broaden your perspective. We go as learners. Accompaniment goes both ways.

Border Compassion program activities include:
• Hosted monthly Cross-Over visits to purchase food, provide essential clothing, medicines and hygiene supplies, as well as provide a transformational and awareness-building experience to participants

• Network development and outreach inviting faith communities to cross-over to collaborate, give, learn, serve as a public witness, and engage in activism for systemic change aimed to bring about more just immigration policies

• Communication and Education through presentations, social media and calls to action

• Celebration of sacred rituals and prayers for holidays and holy days with cultural sensitivity to traditions from various countries and cultures

Our primary task it to ensure that the residents of the shelter have food, medicines and clothing. We also attempt to improve the infrastructure and have secured washing machines, stoves, emergency exit door and fire alarms.

Conditions at the Posada del Migrante Shelter are rudimentary: the kitchen is outdoors, there is limited refrigeration, there is limited hot water and air conditioning though summer temperatures exceed 115 degrees, and the facilities far exceed capacity.

"Whatever the problem . . . community is the answer."
- Margaret Wheatley

Helping in Mexicali

Our Cross-Over trips start in Calexico, CA, USA. We meet up and cross the border into Mexicali, Mexico. Currently our services involve helping people at Combina Posada del Migrante.

The United States and Mexico share a border, share a connection and share compassion for its people.

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Donating to Border Compassion feeds, clothes and helps families and children.

Border Compassion is a 501c3

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Our Mission

Border Compassion - Compassion knows no borders.

Border Compassion is a non-profit 501c3,
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