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Compassion Knows No Borders

Border Compassion is a non-profit, faith-based, grassroots effort to respond to the needs of families who have migrated to the USA border crossing at Calexico/ Mexicali. These asylum seekers left their homes to escape violence, poverty and climate disasters.

The mission of Border Compassion is to invite faith-communities to “cross-over” at the Calexico border to offer a compassionate humanitarian response to families living at the Cobina Posada del Migrante Shelter, which houses up to 150 people.  

Are you in?

Mexicali is a border town three hours east of San Diego that is inundated with people fleeing their home countries. They arrive by the hundreds exhausted, hungry and with little beside the clothes on their backs. They have endured months of travel only to discover that the border is not as porous, nor the crossing as safe and easy as they had heard.

Families apply for an immigration hearing and wait in the shelter to be called for an interview which happens either in Tijuna or Mexicali, Mexico. This process can take a good amount of time.

Border Compassion wants YOU to join us for a cross-over, sharing the gifts, resources and generosity of your faith community with the families living at the shelter. 

Your Support Helps Others

Your donation helps provide much needed food, clothing and support to the families living in the shelter.

You can make your donation via PayPal or by writing a check to Border Compassion

Mail your check to:
Border Compassion
43376 Cook Street, Unit 10
Palm Desert, CA 92211

Border Compassion is a non-profit 501c3, tax id 94-1605666

“I was hungry and you gave me something to eat” Matthew 25

Compassion knows no borders.

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43376 Cook Street, Unit 10
Palm Desert, 92211

Our Mission

Border Compassion - Compassion knows no borders.

Border Compassion is a non-profit 501c3,
tax id 94-1605666

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